In most browsers, text links are usually underlined and in a different color from the surrounding ordinary text. I often find this very distracting, and I find it hard to concentrate on just reading a paragraph. This is especially noticeable, for instance, when reading articles on the New York Times, or any other major news site, because they "linkify" much of the text in their articles.

I would like to disable this so that all text links look the same as regular text. My ideal solution would be something that can be quickly toggled, so that I can turn the differentiation off when I want to concentrate on reading something, and turn it off if I want to surf as usual.

Is there an addon that can I do this? I currently use Firefox on my laptop, and Safari on my ipad.

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I just realized that this functionality is built-in to Firefox itself. In preferences, under "Language and appearance", there are options to change the color of both visited and unvisited links, as well as to disable underlining of links.

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