I've seen some questions about this that are somewhat dated, so I'm asking again in case something new has come up.

Context: I'm a student who spends a lot of time making math notes on pen and paper. But I often want to write my notes neatly in latex afterwards, in order to show them to someone else. Right now I have to rewrite everything in latex, which is not terrible, but much slower than doing it on pen and paper, and it is double work. This really limits how much of my notes I can turn into latex.

So I am looking for a program that allows you to simply scan the math formulas that you've written on paper, and convert them to latex, which you can then copy paste to TexStudio for instance.

  • It should be quick and easy, meaning I can quickly scan my notes and get the latex, without much hassle. If it is not quick and easy, I might as well do it manually.
  • Preferably Windows-based, though if a program on another OS is much better, I would possibly consider using a Virtual OS just for that program.
  • If the program is really good, I'd be willing to spend quite a lot on it. I'm possibly willing to buy additional necessary hardware for this as well (although of course cheaper is better).

Are there programs that allow you to convert pen and paper math formulae into latex text in a quick and easy way?

Bonus: If there are similar programs that require a digital stylus instead, that would be a good alternative too.

EDIT: It would perhaps be great if the program works together with a scanner mouse like this one as can be seen here in action.

Here is an earlier question and here another one from 2014, that didn't get a really good answer, but it's 3 years later now, so...

EDIT: I've found this piece of software. The company also makes seemingly very handy scanners. Does anyone have experience with this type of software?


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