My boss asked me for a tool to do swagger documentation through UI without typing in JSON/YAML based data.

He wanted something like a form with fields where if we type in relevant details like endpoint, method, payload and all relevant details, it will generate a swagger documentation for the same or generate a swagger.json file which can be used for generating documentation.

Tried googling and did not find any such tool. Any ideas where to look?


I got the answer for this myself from https://github.com/OAI/OpenAPI-Specification/blob/master/IMPLEMENTATIONS.md

Few implementations like: 1) Apicurio Studio - https://github.com/Apicurio/apicurio-studio 2) OpenAPI GUI - https://github.com/Mermade/openapi-gui

or if using WSO2, we have a GUI inbuilt to do all this and it generates a swagger doc.


Nowadays, what I see used is RESTLet Studio, which work like you described, but have the huge con of being online-only.

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