NoScript is no longer supported under Firefox Quantum. What other methods exist to allow scripts to run on a per-domain basis?

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    If you use a lot of addons, I'd recommend switching to Firefox ESR for the time being. That's what I do. Nov 16, 2017 at 23:25

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You could try uMatrix which offers all that NoScript has, but even more granular. That means a little learning (dealing with uMatrix is a bit different), but also more flexibility. To give you an idea, here's a screenshot taken from the addons page:


Looking at this for a few seconds you will note that other than with NoScript, with uMatrix you can even say "allow JS from foo.com when asked for by example.com" – instead of only "allow JS from foo.com". And you certainly see what the term "Matrix" refers to. What it seems to not offer is "allow for this session" – but if I understood correctly, that's its default mode: to make changes permanent, you'll need to "lock" (save) them (see the lock icon at the top).

The addon is from the same dev as uBlock Origin and often recommended by experts for advanced users.

PS: If you saved (exported) your NoScript configuration, you even can import its whiltelist entries.


NoScript is no longer supported under Firefox Quantum.

If you read the NoScript webpage you will see that they are aware of the issue and plan to have it resolved shortly:

Where's NoScript for Firefox 57 "Quantum"?

2017-11-14: We're working hard to make NoScript for Quantum available to you as soon as possible, definitely by the end of this week.

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