Is there any wiki software that allows me to control who can view or edit page X per user or users group?

For example, don't allow user1 and user2 (or group A?) from reading page X.

It is better if it runs on CentOS Linux.

  • I think this is a standard feature of most wikis, like MediaWiki and PmWiki. Nov 16 '17 at 19:51
  • No. MediaWiki does not support. I think that I read it somewhere in there documentation.
    – 3bdalla
    Nov 17 '17 at 17:02

DokuWiki supports access control lists (ACL).

DokuWiki is a free/libre wiki software, using PHP and flat files (no database). It seems to be available from CentOS repositories. The DokuWiki wiki also has some notes about the configuration under CentOS.

Rules can be set

  • per page (e.g., recipes:rice-soup) and per page namespace (e.g. recipes:*), and

  • per user (e.g., alice) and per user group (e.g., @family).

The following permissions are available:

  • none
  • read
  • edit
  • create (only for namespaces)
  • upload (only for namespaces)
  • delete (only for namespaces)

You manage the ACL from a central page in the admin section, where you can also see a table of all permissions set by you:

Screenshot of DokuWiki’s ACL plugin

(Screenshot from the ACL plugin page, which describes the numbered sections.)

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