maps.google.com offers this view of a local cemetery. What software might I use, preferably a Python library, that can approximate the locations of each of the cemetery markers (ie, the gravestones) and add them to a file? I understand that some of the markers are too small to be identified. However, even if I can get the co-ordinates of a just a large fraction of the markers that would be very helpful.

Thanks for your help.

cemetery satellite view

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Take a look at this article from Google Earth Help, Find & use location coordinates. I brought up Google map to display a local cemetery and then picked two different graves which generated two different locations.

two different location lattidue and longitude of cemetary markers

Also see this article, how to look up coordinates of a point in new google maps? which provides a bit more info.

I just zoomed in the satellite view of the cemetery until individual graves were visible and then picked them with the mouse such as in the screen shot.

screen capture of Google Maps of cemetery getting location of a grave site

What may work would be to get a screen shot at a particular resolution and to then mark specific calibration points whose location can be determined and then do a pixel by pixel scan of the screen shot image to interpolate the location of individual image features.

Then come back and do a spot check on specific features to see if the interpolation was reasonably sane.


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