I am looking for an IOS app that allows me to set keywords on a global or feed basis. The app should show me a notification if there are any items that match one of the keywords. A match on the title should be sufficient, but matching the summary and title is even better. On Android, there is Palabre. Is there a similar app for IOS?

I found similiar questions here, but all of them are quite old and the apps mentioned there are not availabe anymore.


You can easily do that with the Pro Inoreader plan. Inoreader is not a standalone RSS reader. You have to create an account for the online service. The pro version (50$/year) let's you create "rules". Rules can act on all feeds, a folder, a feed. A rule can be build to say - if a new item in all feeds/this folder/this feed contain this word, then send me a notification on my phone (through the mobile version of Inoreader).

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