I have a bunch of files that I constantly need to apply some operations on, like renaming, or video and sound editing using ffmpeg. For those tasks I normally write a bash script with what ever snippet of code I can find, but then I end up googling the same stuff over and over due to the cryptic syntax of the language constructs and also because of commands like sed, awk, and friends.

Then there is Python, which I use for web scraping and data processing. But what I really want is to script in C++ for the two use cases, either for simple tasks that I normally use bash for, and also for web scraping and data processing.

Is there some C++ interpreter for macOS mature enough?

I'm not interested in writing my own C++ interpreter, but rather I'd like something like Cling.

I tried Cling a while back but, back then, the interpreter felt more like a hack than something that on could add to the work flow for everyday use. I wanted to try it again these days but it isn't available on homebrew yet, so I decided to ask for an alternative first.

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    It's not clear where C++ comes in here. Do you want a script interpreter that's implemented in C++, or do you want to interpret C++? The first part of your answer suggests the former, the Cling example suggests the latter. – einpoklum Oct 26 '17 at 11:57
  • @einpoklum edited the question, thanks for pointing that out. – rraallvv Oct 26 '17 at 14:10

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