Are there any libraries that will render markdown (ideally by the CommonMark specification) in JavaFX? The library should allow me to embed a pane with JavaFX pane inside a stage and pass it markdown text which it will display as formatted, rich text.

I have found MarkdownWriterFX, but it is not a library, and requires significant reverse-engineering in order to use in a context other than its own. I would like something easier to use.

The library must be open-source and free to use. Ideally it should be in a public maven repository.

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Why not trying markdown-javafx-renderer? It is based on flexmark-java.

Example application: https://github.com/jpro-one/markdown-javafx-renderer/blob/master/example/src/main/java/com/sandec/mdfx/ExampleMDFX.java


import com.sandec.mdfx.MDFXNode;

MDFXNode mdfx = new MDFXNode("your-markdown");

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