I would be interested in a light framework that has at least marker annotations for people doing DDD, in Java, for starters.

I know there is Apache Isis https://isis.apache.org/documentation.html that uses some DDD modeling to build an webapp / rest client.

I would interested in 2 things :

  • markers that identify Java entities as DDD concepts
  • (optional) some documentation generator ( based on these markers )

Apache Isis is indeed a framework for DDD; I'm a committer on the project.

The framework uses DataNucleus as the underlying ORM, currently only for JDO although JPA support is planned soon also. In JDO an entity is annotated with @PersistenceCapable. The Isis framework also allows the metamodel to be downloaded, so all entities can also be accessed programmatically, eg via MetaModelService.

In terms of documentation generators, there is lots of stuff that could be done exploiting the metamodel. We already allow the metamodel to be exported as a spreadsheet (via the "Prototyping" menu), and we also use it to generate a Swagger spec file which means we automatically provide a Swagger UI to our REST API. If you have particular documentation requirements I'm pretty certain they could be accommodated.


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