I use MS Word and Excel a lot. However, when i'm at work I send copy of my work to email and when i'm at home I download the copy from the email and so forth.

I need a way to make my copies update itself and I can find it from any machine worldwide. I need the way to be secure so no one can edit ot view my files


There are several possibilities.

a) use a VPN to connect your home computer to the company network. Put your files onto a network share and access them from that share.

b) use a Remote desktop connection and actually work on your company PC. However, remote desktop access across the Internet is frowned upon. You might create a security risk.

c) use a file exchange like Dropbox which synchronizes files automatically.

d) use a versioning control system like SVN like software developers do.


As you are using Microsoft Office, you can save it in OneDrive directly from your MS Word or Excel. All you need is a Microsoft account, and a free signing up for OneDrive.

Once you have a Microsoft account:

  • Sign in to your MS Office.

  • Edit / Write your document

  • Click "Save As"
  • Save it to your OneDrive
  • Now you can open it anywhere by accessing your MS account in the MS Office.

Saving your File to access anywhere

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