I am looking for a software, that can download video's from youtube like website. And also it should be able to download flash video's

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Not sure about flash videos as they may contain active content but a great tool is youtube-dl which runs under python it also can require one of FFMPEG/AVCONV for some operations.

Windows Installation Options:

Python Installation: Install as a part of python with, after installing python if you don't have it, pip install --upgrade youtube-dl, the homepage gives other methods for Linux & Mac users, or

Windows Only Executable file: Download the pre-built exe and place it in a local directory or anywhere on your PATH other than C:\Windows\System32 then run from the command line.


There are lots of options but the simplest use is to find the video that you wish to download on YouTube, or dozens of other services, copy the video URL and from the command line run youtube-dl URL for it to go and get the video.


  • Free, gratis & Open Source
  • Windows executable or scripts that run on Linux & Mac.
  • Options to throttle download speed
  • Options to supply password if needed
  • Options to specify downloaded video quality
  • Options to specify downloaded video format &/or convert
  • Options to include subtitle file(s)
  • By default works faster than realtime, (depending on your connection speed)
  • Currently 3gp, aac, flv, m4a, mp3, mp4, ogg, wav, webm are supported video download formats to select for download Note that some videos may not be available in some formats from some URLs You can use youtube-dl --list-formats URL to find out which formats are available.

If you want web-only solution you can use Savefrom.net of Savemedia. No need to install (potentially unwanted) video downloader. I used both for downloading my favorite Youtube videos and there's almost no problem using them.

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