Yesterday I spent a whole day researching a problem I made when setting up a new laptop for Dual Boot with Linux--I deleted a required partition before I created recovery media for a system pre-installed with Windows. I think I've mostly solved the problem. I have recovery media (without system backup). Ok.

Today I'm writing some notes about how I did it (and hoping to answer my own question at SuperUser), but I can't find the link with that one command that I used which did that thing.

I want to do a web search through page content of just the web pages from yesterday's web history.

How can I do that? Is there a plugin or service or something else which can perform this. I'm sure I'll find the answer before too long, but I would like to have a solution.


Here is a promising extension for Firefox: Show HN: WorldBrain – full text, local search of your browsing history (worldbrain.io)

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