This question is the reason I'm asking my question. I wanted to say agnostic library but then you'd be pointing me to http://minicss.org/ which is not really agnostic, at least not in my case.

Suppose you're editing a very old code like the one shown in my SO question. The developer named the div that wraps the html container and included everything in it, including the menu.

You cannot use any library like bootsrap because it will see container and mess the design.You'd have to waste time trying to fix old code.

I want a library that

  • Has special class names so it doesn't conflict with existing code.
  • Minimal and responsive, I only want a grid (willing to use a big library in case there's no other option)
  • Offered as css, I don't know sass or whatnot
  • Available on CDN (optional)
  • Gratis and open source of course

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