To publish changes to a static website from a local Windows-10 PC to a remote webserver using FTP.

In the past I have used various tools (CuteFTP, FileZilla). Currently I just drag and drop using two Windows-Explorer windows (one opening an ftp://user@server/dir/ target). This requires me to manually select the files changed since the last update.

In the distant past I used DreamWeaver, which would automatically select files that had changed.

I can't use SSH, SCP, Rsync etc as the shared server is managed by a hosting service which only offers FTP uploads. In some cases I have no say over choice of hosting provider.

Objective Requirements


  • Command line tool.
  • FTP client.
  • Able to publish multiple files and subdirectories in one command.
  • Works out which files need publishing
  • Binaries for Windows-10

Everything beyond here is icing on the cake and nonessential.


  • Open source, Free.
  • Options for previewing list of files to be published.
  • Options for asking for file by file Y/N confirmation
  • Some way of specifying folders or file patterns to include or exclude

Desirable to prevent temporary glitching in service

  • uploads all CSS, JPG, PDF before any HTML/SHTML
  • uploads using a prefix or suffix and renames when upload complete.


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