I want to track how much I work, make music, meditate and read.

I imagine I can use the Eventghost plugin with Autoremote and Tasker to tell an Android time tracking app how much time I've spent on the above tasks.

Is there any Android app that can do this?

  • Work - logged by simply measuring how much time I'm logged in to different users on my computer; a fair approximation of actual work done.

  • Music - log how long I have Ableton open per day.

  • Meditate/Read - Open the Android app, see your list of tasks, and have each timed task have a on/off record button so you can time your sessions without having to use an external app (not a must but would be a very elegant solution).

Visual TimeAnalyzer for Windows can log Work and Music making for $39, but it's not ideal and there's no way to get the data over to android through the app.

Xpert-Timer Time Tracking for Android has on/off recording for timed tasks, but not sure it can integrate with Tasker.

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