I recently bought a Windows 2-in-1 device with a pen. My main goal is taking research notes.

OneNote is a really good app obivously, but it lacks some features that I used to have in iPad with GoodNotes.

In summary, I'd like to be able to

  • import .pdf documents page by page,
  • resize the pages so that I can take notes next to slides instead of being limited by blank spaces,
  • insert blank pages of same size,
  • disable hand-drawing (enable only-pen drawing).

The 2-in-1 I have is Asus Transformer Pro, and I use it in both tablet mode and desktop mode.

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Have you seen PDF Annotator? Seems like it could be a fit:

  • import your .pdfs,
  • add/remove margin to fit your annotations and comments,
  • insert blank pages,
  • (not sure about hand-writing disabling, but it looks like it works just with stylus),
  • a whole bunch of other features, more or less interesting or useful.

It might not be a perfect fit, but could still be worth a look if you don't find anything at all.

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