Hi friends I am looking for a good adware removal tool Any suggestions ?

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As advised by Jan Doggen, you need to review your question after reading this post.

Your question is entirely subjective. Under no user case is there a 'best' anti-virus, things change, systems update in real-time, and user wants/needs differ.

Furthermore, following items have not been addressed:

  • Operating System;
  • Intended Budget;
  • System Specifications (some AVs are really resource intensive....McAfee) and;
  • Other requirements.

None the less, I am sure there are a number of people whom will review this question in the hopes of cleaning their PC. So, I'll answer it as nicely as I can.

Linux/Unix Systems

If you're running Linux, there are a few options. My suggestion here would be to not use ClamAV, and take a more enterprise approach with Sophos or Bitdefender.

Read this old post on Linux Anti-Virus debating whether you need an AV or not; depending on the use of the system depends on the needs of the user. In an ever-evolving world of threats, providing your root password to a pop-up can open you up to heaps of back-doors, for example.

Please note, I have used none of the following products. Please look into their features and reviews independently.

Current options - ClamAV;

There are many other options available to you as well. In unison with an Anti-Virus system, you should also use a Firewall, and understanding the implications of running apps as root.

Windows Server/Client

If you're running Windows, then there are a plethora of tools readily available for your use; check the following table.

Regarding Security on a Windows PC , there are several key "tools" you should look for:

An example of a free tool that implements Web Inspection, and IDS:

With all Windows Anti-Virus, I use AVComparatives to read and review my programs. You can view their latest results for the tests here.

I would also recommend you read the following article(s):


The same can be applied to Mac OSX as Windows and Linux. There is no need to go into detail here.

Back in "the old days", I use to use SuperAntiSpyware because it was cheap, lightweight and rather effective. I've just installed the trial, and after 1 minute of scanning, note the following:

Super Anti Spyware

Further investigation shows these seem to be legitimate cookies that "track me" (not spyware programs):

Found Cookies

However, to properly "secure" a system, there need to be multiple layers of security:

  • Regular backups of your personal files;

  • Current anti-virus;

  • Secure Firewall;

  • User administration;

  • Web Protection and;

  • Data encryption.

These items, when employed, help further secure your PC.

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Malwarebytes is considered the best for a Mac. There is probably a PC version as well. It's certainly worth checking. It will scan your disk for malware and also run in the background if desired to check incoming problems.

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