Google Trends allows you to see how the interest in search keywords is building up. Something like this would be very useful for scientific papers. For example, a young researcher could look at the latest scientific trends to select hot topics of research.

The sad thing is that Google Trends does not work for scientific content. Just try searching your favourite topic there, it won't hit any results if it is slightly sophisticated.

Is there a tool like Google Trends, that crawls scientific papers to detect hot trends?

It could be a web app, or a desktop app, I don't mind. Although if desktop, ideally it should run on Linux. Obviously the app will need to have online access.


Google Scholar has a search feature to search scientific papers for certain terms. I use Google Scholar to email me titles of papers on certain subjects. You can use it to get counts as well. Just google 'Google Scholar search' to learn all about it.

  • I am looking for something more sophisticated, that offers some kind of analysis and predictions about future hot trends. – becko Sep 29 '17 at 19:36

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