Use case 1: I'm in the office, on power cable, running several VMs, Photoshop, thousand of browser tabs.

Use case 2: I'm taking computer to a garden with no power cable.

I would like to switch power profile - sleep / disable all the apps - keep only essentials. Potentially disable Bluetooth and WiFi.

There is Energy Saver menu described here - http://is.oregonstate.edu/client-services/cn/tech-tips-using-cn/power-management/how-do-i-change-power-settings-my-apple - but it doesn't sleep apps automatically.

So to preserve battery life I quit most of the apps manually.

Is there an app for that?


  • at work I use magic trackpad and I drag&drop with 3 fingers, 4 fingers to switch desktops
  • at home there is no magic trackpad and I would like to have different set of shortcuts

This of terms "preference profiles". I believe it can be performed via clever scripting of dotfiles but not sure how.

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Keyboard Maestro could be used to create macros to start or shutdown specific applications and make all sorts of other arrangements based on the WIFI you are currently connected to, a keyboard trigger, time of day or many more triggers.

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