I'm developing an application in Python with PyQt and for the testing I'm using the unittest Python module together with QtTest

The project is FOSS and is hosted on Github. I'm using TravisCI to build


Now I'd like to add code test coverage for my project and am looking for something that:

  • is hosted
  • works with Python and Python's unittest module
  • is cost-free (for FOSS projects)
  • is integrated with Github

What I've found so far

The solutions I've been looking at (CodeClimate, CodeCov) requires the user to run a program locally on their own computer, and then upload the result to them

Grateful for help and with kind regards, Tord

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I've found out that it's possible to combine Travis CI and Codecov and run Coverage.py on Travis CI using this stucture:


This assumes that your are using the Python unittest module, other examples (for pytest and nose) can be found here:


Hope this helps someone!

PS In my case I am using unittest module but had to tweak the setup a bit, here is my complete configuration: https://pastebin.com/M1dKim4h

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