I am not asking just for recommendations, I am asking for a detailed explanation of why your recommendations are the best over other libraries.

My use case is in a forum. No other details should be needed, but feel free to ask.

I need the following text formattings to be supported:

  • italic
  • bold
  • unformatted code
  • links
  • large headers

Optional, but requested:

  • lists
    • numbered
    • bulletted
  • strikethrough
  • underline
  • block quote

  • formatted code
  • embedded images

I need (what you think are) the best Python 3 compatible modules (preferably via pip) specifically to convert the following markup languages to HTML:

  • BBCode
  • Markdown
  • ReStructuredText

HTML, of course, is a given.

No need to convert them back. I do however need to be able to disable specific formatting (like headers in comments) if need be.

If there are any other markup languages you think belong on a forum editor, let me know.

These modules should be lightweight, and not too difficult to install. They must also be open source compatible.

  • Please edit your question to match the site rules: i.e.: Should not be a "Best" as this leads to a debate. It should be "Python 3 Mark-up library with the following features". – Steve Barnes Sep 19 '17 at 6:29
  • @Steve Barnes My question does not violate the "no debate rules" because I am not asking for a discussion of the topic. I am asking for them to simply state their opinion, as they would do regardless of the question title. I simply added that they should specify why their recommendations are "best" for my needs to rule out answers with a list of links. It is a prompt for a small summary of each of their recommendations. – spikespaz Sep 19 '17 at 13:15

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