Google Images can automatically filter images by their content.

For example, you can find all images with food. It also can create thematic albums by itself.

But Google Photos has very slow interface, because it is web-application. Also its conception of albums is not suitable to me. I need folders.

Is there any desktop application, which can classify photos using ML algorithms?


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Not a desktop Application as such but the Keras python Deep Learning library with OpenCV is now available pre-trained for image recognition there is a very good walk-through with all of the necessary code and a grounding on the theory at pyimagesearch. Note that on the first run there are some big downloads to perform.

  • Thank you! I think, I will just write a Python script, to batch-procces the files. I will not mark your question as answer, because it not fully answers my question.
    – uhbif19
    Commented Sep 18, 2017 at 15:57

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