I have designed a cover book with TikZ which the output is normally a .pdf file. Now the publisher wants me an open-layered .tiff and although I know how to convert it to files like .jpg or .psd, but my problem is that these files are just one layer. Is there any way to convert the original .pdf (which is made by .TikZ) to open-layered .tiff or .psd?


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I am reasonably sure that ImageMagick can do this but you will have to do some digging to find the correct set of options. It can certainly generate TIFFs from PDFs, can definitely generate multi-layer TIFFs and I have seen some discussion on support for multi-layer PS files as well.

ImageMagick is a very powerful, command line based tool for manipulating, converting and creating images.

It is:

  • Free, Gratis
  • Free, Open Source
  • Cross Platform including Windows, Mac & Linux
  • There is lots of online help & the authors are very helpful people but remember that they are doing all this for free
  • Some Examples from the Official Site
  • Also see Fred's ImageMagick Scripts

You can do the conversion to layered PSD using Photoshop but that is not a cheap option unless you already own Photoshop. I don't own photoshop but here is a link describing the process. Link describing process. There may be some web-based solutions. You should google your question.


If you have photoshop you can cut around each bit that needs to be a separate layer and paste it into a new layer, however this requires some time if you're not familiar with Photoshop and obviously requires Photoshop itself.

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