We're looking for a software that allows applications to communicate with one of our webservers in order to store images.

These requirements are a must:

  • available as FOSS
  • receives an image along metadata
    • e.g. the latter in headers of a POST request
    • or as multipart body
  • validates image format and integrity
  • validates the metadata against a schema
  • stores the image in a specified collection
  • updates an accompanying METS/MODS-file
  • authentication
    • preferably with JWT
  • authorization on collection-level

It would be a plus if these requirements were met:

  • further management operations via a ReST-API
    • renaming, deleting of files incl. necessary metadata updates
    • collections management
  • a web interface

Is there a software that meets these requirements or offers enough leverage to build a solution upon it?

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