I'm seeking an app that will display a copy of my Windows laptop screen on my Android tablet, through a wireless connection. Since the goal is to monitor a finicky bot on my laptop which depends upon mouse position, etc., to prevent accidental interference with the bot, the app shouldn't allow input from the tablet to the laptop (or better yet, it could have a setting to toggle input on or off at will). What options are available?


  • Wireless
  • No tablet to laptop input (or preferably a setting)
  • Free
  • Not tried any of them (and I live in an MS-free zone) – but you might wish to take a look at my list of second screen and remote desktop apps while waiting for good recommendations here.
    – Izzy
    Sep 14, 2017 at 6:07

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Searching for windows screen to android found a few options:

The spacedesk website has a nice list of alternative software too:

Similar applications and apps (additional Windows display screen for screen mirroring and Windows Desktop extension):

  • Air Display (Avatron)
  • AirParrot 2 (Squirrels)
  • Duet Display (Kairos)
  • iDisplay (Shape GmbH)
  • MaxiVista (Bartels Media)
  • Twomon USB, TwomonAir (easynlight/DevGuru)
  • XDisplay / Wired XDisplay (splashtop)
  • ZoneScreen (ZoneOS)

Remote desktop applications and apps (Windows screen mirroring only / no - additional display screen / no Windows Desktop extension):

  • Chrome Remote Desktop
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop
  • splashtop
  • TeamViewer
  • VNC (Virtual Network Computing)

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