Now I use PythonAnyWhere service for my website hosting. It is quite useful, provides ability to edit and run any code directly in browser. However, it lacks possibility to use WebSockets. Therefore, I would like to use VPS, it's cheaper and allows to use any technologies. But I also want to have an analogue of PythonAnyWhere admin console, some sort of online IDE, to abstract from bash, FTP and desktop IDE, and work with code and other files straight in a browser. Are there any tools, solutions for that?


I would like to have these features:

  • Upload, rename and move files on my server

  • See size of files and directories

  • Edit text files (and HTML, CSS, JS, Python code)

  • Online bash console

It will be used on Linux-based Xen or OpenVZ server OS. If possible, I would like to have free solution. If needed, I can write some features myself.

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