I've searched in old threads and also on Google. I found several interesting applications, but for a specific task. I'm looking for a single web application with these features:

  • very simple stock management: define products, check-in, check-out
  • project planner: start-end date, milestones, daily tasks
  • projects life-cycle management: keep track of the project's state. Usually the cycle is: specifications, quote, purchase order, shipping bill, pro-forma invoice, invoice. But (almost) any of these phases could be skipped.
  • office management: the best would be if it might use LibreOffice templates to fill up quotes and invoices
  • allow simple queries: how many orders are shipped but not invoiced yet? how many projects will be open at the same time on that date?

As said before, I found at least one application for each feature. But I would like to have only ONE to help me in my job.

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