I'm looking for a software package to manage lending physical books, and potentially other physical items such as computer hardware, optical disks, or tools.


  • Accessible by at least 100 users via web interface
  • Check in and check out books, etc and keep track of who has them and history of lending
  • Internet-facing (not intranet only)
  • Doesn't have to be free but should have a demo if we need to pay for it.
  • No real requirements for what the server is hosted on, we have cloud accounts and can spin something up as needed.

Nice to Haves

  • SharePoint integration
  • If no SharePoint integration, should be able to authenticate against Active Directory

I have seen another question here but my requirements differ, mainly that I am looking for SharePoint integration and users to be able to "self-checkout" rather, from what I can ascertain LibLime Koha does require a centralized system.


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