I want to make some vector graphic icons but what I sadly found out any of simple vector graphic editor do not support CAD-like functions like make line length depends of other line or constrain angle between them.

It was easier to find a simple CAD program like SolveSpace that can export to .svg file and then edit it in a vector graphic software. But clearly, it is not ideal solution.

So I am looking for a simple, free, linux program for vector graphics but with CAD functions. Do you know any?

  • The most likely answer to this question there is no such program.
    – joojaa
    Commented Sep 5, 2017 at 6:49
  • Some of these CAD-like functions can be achieved in Inkscape utilizing simple tools like the transformations dialog or grouping. For example, grouping makes line lengths interdependent in a group. So if you could elaborate in more detail which functions you are missing, then someone might be able to check if there is an alternative way using existing functions.
    – Doc Brown
    Commented Feb 9, 2018 at 6:38

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You should definitely take a look at OpenSCAD (also called "the programmers solid 3D CAD modeler) - it is more of a 3D compiler than an actual modeler. The main difference to other CAD softwares is, that it parses scripts. As @GerardFalla mentioned, FreeCAD is also amazing. I am using it since years. There is a video on YouTube which I can recommend, titled CAD Battle - OpenSCAD vs. FreeCAD.



This is probably not a perfect match and rather a shot in the dark.

Website: https://github.com/mkeeter/antimony
Screenshots and demo videos can be seen at http://www.mattkeeter.com/projects/antimony/3/

  • Quoting the website: "Antimony is a computer-aided design (CAD) tool from a parallel universe."
    It is neither a classic CAD nor a classic real vector graphic software because you describe all geometric shapes in a data-flow diagram (similar to Blender nodes). The shapes' ports, such as x, y position, width and height, can be connected to ports from other shapes to create dependencies.
  • Export possibilities: I am not sure about SVG and don't have a Fedora machine at hand. Searching through the code doesn't bring up any promising part hinting at SVG export, though.
  • Free
  • Also runs on Linux
    A community-supported package exists for Fedora. For other distributions you have to build from source.
  • 1
    unfortunately Antimony is not solution of my problem. In this case is worse than SolveSpace (I did not found export to SVG too) BUT it is small, buggy, limited-feature CAD software with unlimited possibile due to simple edit (/create) scripts in python. I am sure that I will use Antimony in future for other stuff so big thanks you for this recommendation!
    – lvl7
    Commented Sep 22, 2017 at 16:59

Well, long ago I used FreeCAD on linux, and it seemed to do what I needed pretty well - it's still around as a running project, is pretty full-featured, and it'll handle SVG output.

Maybe also look into OnShape if you want collaborative tools and no reliance on single-platform, single-format - just as powerful as FreeCAD - if not more; it's browser based when used on desktop, though native App based on iOS and Android.


If you need a CAD program you can try something like QCAD or BrisCAD

  • QCAD has no parametric features and BrisCAD has them only in the Pro version. And parametric editing was one feature OP asked for.
    – Ariser
    Commented Aug 3, 2020 at 19:12

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