I want to asking you if you know what is the software drawing network diagrams like on below pic .

diagram software


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I've used the yEd Graph Editor from yWorks to create similar diagrams. It's a free desktop application and runs on Windows, Unix/Linux, and Mac OS X. It's a WYSIWYG application, so, you can easily import, create, rearrange, and export many types of diagrams. Have a look at the Gallery of diagrams submitted by other users. It should give you an idea as to the types of graphs/diagrams you can create. For example:

enter image description here


10-Strike Network Diagram. This program is for Windows. In addition to drawing, it can scan your actual network with managed switches and display device connections. enter image description here


I direct my students with similar needs to https://www.draw.io

Less complex that what your drawing shows, but only on the "art" side. Can still do the lines, computers, switches, routers, etc. Can also use images similar to the devices show in PacketTracer, etc.


Networkmaps (https://www.networkmaps.org) lets you create diagrams in 3D. It is an opensource web based diagraming tool.enter image description here

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