I have been an apple user for several years. Recently I have purchuased a computer that runs Windows 10 and I can't find a program similar to what Time Machine does in mac. The features I look for are:

  • Make a complete disk image back-up while I can work on the computer.
  • Be able to use the program on different hard drives.
  • I could use a different computer to obtain different versions of files in the hard drive.
  • In case of emergency: ❶ Be able to buy a new computer; ❷ Install a program or run commands to make a exact copy of my computer in the new one. ❸ Be able to work on this computer without noticing is different.
  • Be able to do the above process in a few clicks.

Is it possible to have the above?

If needed I would pay for the service.

If know Windows 10 includes File History and a Backup program but as far as my experience is not the same..

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You could give a try to a close Windows alternative Macrium reflect free

Features include:

  • Full image backups

  • Differential Images backup (for faster backups and reduced storage space).

  • Incremental backups

  • Scheduled backups

  • Macrium Reflect supports backup to local, network and USB drives (external drives as well as burning to all DVD formats.


Genie Timeline is my favorite; lots of features and easy to use. You can read their long list of features at the provided link. You can read a review of Genie Timeline and 5 other backup solutions here.

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