I have a folder containing ~900 jpeg pictures which I would like to heavily tidy out, i.e. delete most of them. I am looking for a tool displaying each picture one by one and allowing me to delete it by a simple keyboard shortcut (e.g. Del).
Similar apps in the same spirit exist for Android, e.g. Photo Delete App. Delete Photo.


  • Runs on Windows 10
    (can also be a Windows 10 UWP app if possible)
  • Goes through all pictures one by one from a specified folder
  • Allows me to quickly delete the previewed picture, e.g. by pressing Del.
  • Provides an undo feature for the most recent deleted pictures.
    This differentiates this question from "A photo viewing/organising software for Windows". The suggested Windows Photo Gallery does not offer an undo feature and searching the recycle bin, which probably contains a lot of other files, requires excessive effort.
  • Supported picture formats: at least JPEG.

Nice to have

  • Favorite some pictures, so that they are protected in another pass through a folder's pictures.
  • Allows customization of where deleted pictures will be stored: in the recycle bin or in a custom folder.
  • Other picture or even document formats such as GIF, PNG, TIFF, PDF.
  • Support for video files

Price: I am open for gratis as well as low-cost (~0-20€) tools.

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