I'm looking for an Android launcher designed for productivity.

I was a huge fan of Slide Screen, a minimalist launcher with all needed information in one single slidable screen. Sadly, the project is no longer maintained, hence not usable anymore.

I know that there exist many different launchers supporting external themes, but I don't have any experience on possible productivity focused themes or launchers.

By considering productivity and minimalism, what Android themes/launchers do you suggest?

  • What specific criteria are you looking for when you talk about productivity and minimalism? You also should not ask for best, that is opinion-based. BTW There is an SE site for software recommendations: Software Recommendations
    – user416
    Commented Aug 18, 2017 at 14:20

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Try Smart launcher

Some of the most notable features in SL are:

  • exclusive home screen layouts: try out the flower and the honeycomb layouts;
  • global AI powered search bar: search in apps, contacts and web.
  • smart turn off: your screen automatically turns off when lay down your phone;
  • on screen notifications: see which app needs attention (requires plugin);
  • knock off: turn off the screen with a double tap (requires plugin);
  • gestures support: up to 10 different gestures!
  • hide apps: remove any app from your app grid (works also with system apps)
  • security: select the apps you want to hide and protect them with a PIN.
  • popup widgets: double tap on an icon to show the widget you chose;
  • low resources usage: SL is optimized to work greatly even on older devices and to use as less memory and battery as possible in any situation.
  • great wallpaper selection: new wallpaper proposed every day.
  • custom lock screens: personalize and add features to your lock screen;

Hope this helps

  • I've also found FlowHome, created by the same developers of Slide Screen. See larvalabs.com/flowhome
    – auino
    Commented Aug 18, 2017 at 12:55

I've found FlowHome (in beta version), created by Larva Labs, the same creators of Slide Screen.


Microsoft launcher have a sliding home screen.

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