The C language is infamous for not specifying the size and format of the built-in types:

  • A "byte" (char) can be anything from 8 bits and up
  • An "int" can be any number of chars as long as it fits a minimum number of values
  • Integers are not required to use every bit
  • Not all bit patterns in an integer has to be valid
  • Signed integers are not necessarily two's-complement
  • ...and more!

There is a hypothetical computer called the DeathStation 9000 designed to break every assumption simultaneously.

However, I don't own this machine, so now I am looking for a proof-of-concept C compiler that can be configured to vary a lot of these features. A hypothetical example:

deathcc --char_bits=13 --ones-complement --endian=interleaved main.c

I would like such a compiler to check for possible portability issues.



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