I know I can use dedicated music service: grooveshark, spotify, rdio, pandora, last.fm, soundcloud...

However, if I were to use Youtube in some scenarios to preserve bandwidth I would like to stream music part only (no video).

Just asking, maybe you know such extension. Thanks

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Well, I'm not entirely sure you can do this but you can always download the videos in audio format.

Fetchaudio is a good website. It is quite simple to use and you can download YouTube videos in audio only online which is pretty good. Another service you could use is keepvid.com. You can also download YouTube videos in audio format.

I used them quite frequently, but my preference would be fetchaudio.com. Also see this related question here and do let me know if this works or not. :)


AudioOnlyYoutube is a Chrome extension that disables video in YouTube videos


https://www.listenvideo.com seems to work quite well, I have not tried it extensively though. There is also off-browser app support.


Streamus is a Chrome extension that allows you to stream music from Youtube.

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