I found a similar question here about a crowdfunding site for home automation scripts. Most of my request is the same, except it's for a broader use case.

Use Case: I often find myself wishing for products that don't exist. I would use this app to find like-minded people who are all willing to back said product. But Kickstarter / IndieGogo would not work because if I create a project, I have to fulfill it. I would like to create a project, but someone else would step up to build it. Step up is a loosely used word; I don't know how that part would actually work; I just took a stab at it. Adopt? Bid? Maybe the executer would bid on the project, like what happens with projects on Thumbtack and Fiverr. But Thumbtack and Fiverr (and UpWork, and ...) won't work because I become the sole backer when I post a project. Also Thumbtack doesn't have an app.


  • Backers have the ability to post a project.
  • All the normal features of crowdfunding.

Budget I would gladly pay to use an app like this. I would not expect to pay more than a 3% fee on pledges, and not more than a $20 annual membership fee. Ads would be ok. I'm not looking for free or libre software, but that would captivate my heart.

OS Android. But if it exists in iOS or some other platform, I would really like to know, and I might switch to that platform so I could experience this just once. This doesn't have to do with anything, but it would be super wicked awesome if it were built on Ethereum's app platform.

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