Do you know of an existing application (e.g. for android) that automatically monitors how long you've been staring at your screen and suggests you to pause after a while ?

Pause reminder apps are common, but you'd often forget to hit "start", for example when you're answering to a text conversation.

One way of doing that would be by analysing front camera snaps, or the accelerometer for a cheaper approximation.

I believe it could be beneficial for our eyes, but our social life and productivity as well.

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    Well... I don't know for android but for windows/linux PC you could definitely give a try to Workrave
    – danicotra
    Aug 14 '17 at 19:27
  • @danicotra - I think that's worth making into an answer.
    – John Y
    Apr 10 '18 at 19:20

On the computer I found Stretchly to be a very good option to have regular pauses. For mobiles, it looks like the next iPhone could provide an API to implement that feature.


Not exactly what you are looking for but maybe it will help you: You are describing a famous productivity technique. It is called Pomodoro (Wikipedia article). I am sure you find an app when searching for the term "Pomodoro". There are many web apps like pomofocus.io which might be worth a try. Personally, I'm stuck with a real timer that's also easy to use while on the phone and that you don't forget as often (so a hardware recomandation for once).

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