I have 211 language names and I want to visualize them in a meaningful way. The first thing are language families, but besides that there are other "levels" of relationships.

Is there a software which allows me to create a tree out of those 211 items by drag-and-drop?

The software should be and I have to be able to run it without problems (=> or ). There should be an export option of the result. Preferably textual, but if the graphics are good enough an image could be fine, too.

You’re probably looking for an outliner, a program that specializes in editing trees.

Org-mode is a famous example. Being Emacs-based, it comes with a learning curve, and I don’t think it can easily do drag-and-drop with a mouse. But it’s very powerful, works on essentially regular plain text files, and of course runs natively on Ubuntu.

There are many other options, as listed on the Wikipedia page.

Here’s what Org-mode can look like (showing like 10% of its feature set):

enter image description here

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