I would like to monitor my mood over time. Basically, I want an app that lets me create a questionnaire that I can take as many times as I want during a day and export the results.

As inputs, I expect to be able to select:

  • Sliding bar
  • Radio buttons or Drop-downs
  • Free form text box

I expect to be able to export the data to a text file for later analysis.

There are tons of offline survey creators available, however is there a simple one that completes these basic tasks? I'm fine with paying for it.

Related Apps

  • T2 Mood Tracker: Allows for sliding-only inputs. Although data export is possible, it's unclear on how to read the binary export file.
  • Track Your Happiness: Doesn't allow for customized questions.

Related Questions

There is a related question "Android app to ask me questions randomly during the day", however the difference is:

  • I don't need random interval notifications, since I will use Randomly RemindMe for that purpose.
  • I want a fixed set of questions I can answer, not a question selected randomly from a set.

There is also a related question on Psychology & Neuroscience StackExchange "Longitudinal mobile mood tracking app with random reminders", but the requirements are more loose and there are no conclusive answers yet.

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In the psychology community, this type of mobile application is called "experience sampling" or "ecological momentary assessments".

Most applications are very expensive, however there's recently been an open-source solution released called Experience Sampler, which lets you create your own survey apps for both Android and iPhone using Cordova.

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