I am new to C++ and i want to add a GUI to my existing project but i don't know which one i should use, i have looked at Qt but i don´t know if there exists something better than this.

  • It should be compatible with Visual Studio 2017 to fit for me.

  • The framework also should include a designer so it should not be coded only but if it is way better i can ignore the fact. But a good compatibility with Visual Studio 2017 must exist.

  • Cross platform availability of the framework is also really important for me.
  • I want to draw a simple GUI with sliders, buttons, etc.
  • I want to include a small window in my application where a can place and move objects in and I want to measure their position.
  • It should be free and stable.
  • I don't know about how well this (or Qt) integrates with VS, but nanapro.org/en-us is something to check out. I only saw it yesterday so I can't really say anything good or bad about its quality, but it looks like it may be good.
    – john01dav
    Aug 10, 2017 at 22:10

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I am now using JUCE, it is very simple and also stable! Great Library.

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