I'm searching for programmer's editor or its plugin which can create, discover, open and save NTFS alternate data streams (ADS) using the user interface.

Currently I am using Notepad++ which can work with ADS if they are open from command line:

notepad++ D:\data\mydata.csv:sql_query

So in this example I can keep SQL query which led to creation of content of the CSV file in the same CSV file. This is fine to maintain using the command line. But when I am in Notepad++ user interface, I cannot discover that mydata.csv has sql_query ADS attached nor I can use file name D:\data\mydata.csv:sql_query in file open dialog.

Maybe some plugin can add the discovery into Notepad++ or is there some different programmer's editor (preferably free) which can work with ADS (discovery, opening, editing, saving)?

Example – I expect to be presented with the following file list:


(This is what command line dir /R does.) From this list, I can pick either main or alternate data stream to open in the editor.

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CudaText editor has new plugin "NTFS Streams". It allows all you wanted:

  • List streams and open "filename:stream" in this editor
  • Add new stream, empty or from any file
  • Delete streams

Plugin adds items in the "Plugins" menu.

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