I am looking for a (simple) Program that will work as a metronome.

I have found some sites, but the change of rhythms don't work so well.

Are there any metronome software with

  • Any time signature I want (like 4/4, 3/8, 7/4 etc)
  • Any bpm
  • Counting bars with strong beats on each bar

And won't need an internet access

I need it for Windows and possibly free.

  • You can download it. webmetronome.com/download. But I was saying have you tried the online version? Because you mentioned about finding some sites May 28, 2014 at 14:19
  • Didn't know that! you can add it as an answer May 28, 2014 at 14:20

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You can use TempoPerfect Metronome:

  • free
  • change the BPM
  • change the signature and subdivision
  • Subdivide beats into accented beats and regular beats to emphasize different patterns
  • Works on Windows 7, XP, Vista and 8 (+ Android and iPhone)

    enter image description here


I found another good free metronome:

Open Metronome

enter image description here


  • User definable BPM;
  • Measure can be set to any length, with emphasis on any beat(s);
  • Each beat can be one or more of over forty voices, with the supplied Samples covering the complete General MIDI percussion set, or custom samples;
  • Visual indicator as well as audible output;
  • Windows Mobile metronome keeps itself alive during suspend-states (the screen can still be turned off);
  • "Hotkeys" can be assigned to various functions, such as increase/ decrease tempo;
  • The maximum and minimum tempo available via the tempo slider can be set;
  • Settings are automatically saved, and can be exported for use on another machine;
  • Audio output can be saved as a WAV file for playback on another device (e.g., non-Windows mobile device);
  • Support for "Playing in Fix" (Control of microtiming/ dialect);
  • Extensive ToolTips.

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