I'm looking for an app to quickly and easily transfer a small amount of data from Windows to Android. It would be great if it also worked in the other direction.

By "small amount of data", I mean under 250 bytes.

Ideally, I could just copy something to the clipboard and then tell the app to transfer the clipboard contents to the other device. But using the clipboard is not a requirement.

  • I don't want to use something heavy like Dropbox or even email.

  • Encryption is not required.

  • Transfer can be by WiFi, Bluetooth, sound, or camera, or any other means.

  • Prefer gratis, but it's not a requirement.

  • Not tried any of those (hence I cannot write an answer), but there are several cross-device Clipboards available. Some work via ADB, some via the "local network" (matching your WiFi requirement), some require a companion desktop app. All of them are available "for free", some are even FOSS and available on F-Droid.
    – Izzy
    Commented Aug 3, 2017 at 6:22

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I would suggest an arbitrary combination of a Windows QR code generator (that can encode arbitrary portions of text) and an Android QR code reader app. I use this combination for exactly the same purpose, for quickly transferring small amounts of data from a PC to a mobile device.

The only requirement from the question that is not fulfilled by this is

Transfer can be by WiFi or Bluetooth, with a preference for WiFi.

However, I see a fair chance that the OP simply did not think of "screen + camera" as another data transfer technology available in the target setting.

As a concrete suggestion for the Windows/generation side, there is QR Code Generator (website in German, sorry, but I presume the software will display English texts, as well), which I find easy to use. However, there are certainly quite some more, at latest when you include web-based services.

On the Android side, one of the many available QR code readers is QR Droid. You can use it to scan various QR code content types; plain text read from a QR code will be readily displayed, and can also be copied via the clipboard into other apps.

  • You're absolutely right regarding your "fair chance" statement! I'll update the question accordingly. Commented Aug 2, 2017 at 20:03

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