I'm thinking about starting a niche content project that would be filled with tons of highly hierarchical data.

  • Interconnected blobs of text
  • Annotations for the text
  • Revision control
  • User feedback
  • Ranking of the content

What technology stack would be the most appropriate given that I'd like it to be open-source, simple, cheap to run and scale? Thank you!

  • I was looking into MongoDB, CouchDB and NodeJS but after a careful consideration decided to settle on PostgreSQL and Go for the backend. Please share your views! May 30, 2014 at 4:06

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From your description the project sounds like a Content Management System. I recommend going through a list of existing CMS software and picking one, paying attention its popularity and ease of customization, in addition to your stated preferences.

Adapting an existing CMS compared to writing your own can help a lot. If you indulge me in a politics joke, I want to say that the US health insurance e-shop is not built on Drupal and it did not go so well, whereas the website WhiteHouse.gov is based on CMS called Drupal (http://www.drupalshowcase.com/drupal-showcase/white-house) and it works fine ;)

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