I happen to have quite a few symlinks floating around on my SSD that link to large files on another drive (.ost,.pst,.msi etc).

WinDirStat seems to count these files as being on the SSD, when in fact they are not.

Is there a tool that is:

  1. Free (beer)
  2. Does at least the core of what WinDirStat does? (Gives a graphical overview of where space is being taken up)
  3. Runs on Windows (8)

Are there programs that meet these criteria?

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    I used to use Spacemonger for a while but I noticed that it too, gets tripped-up by Windows 10's filesystem trickery - but I don't know if Windows 10 is using symlinks or hard-links or reparse points or junction points or something else. Then there's also the new stuff they added for OneDrive and "reserved files". Hmmm.
    – Dai
    Commented Aug 16, 2020 at 3:32


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