I want to use Canvas/WebGL technologies for creating lots of full Width/Height background images with custom shapes clipping/masking.

Here are the features I am looking for:

  • Layers
  • Custom shapes
  • Clipping/Masking
  • Images
  • 2d drawing - 3d is not important
  • Should be easy to animate (I will use Greensock for animation).

I have found some famous libraries for canvas like:

Example Of Usage: A fixed canvas behind the website content, with cover image(full width & height) masked in to two sections which animated and reveal the cover image as the users scroll.

What i have tried: I have used kinetic.js but it is very poor with clipping/masking features -- In starting, it looked like the right choice for 2D controls but I feel like all my time have been wasted on this as it has a very poor support for using custom shapes for clipping over images.

My Particular Scenario: I am making a parallax site using ScrollMagic & Greensock plugin. I have 7 ~ 8 sections each with its own background image which animates in a fancy way using svg -- but svg is very low performance and i want to switch it with a canvas -- I have done that already using kinetic.js, but it does not provide any good support for clipping custom shapes on images for animation.

Any suggestion would be much appreciated.

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CreateJS would be a comprehensive choice. It offers the following tools:

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