I'm second year university student in the United States and I've realized that I have a hard time retaining a lot of the core concepts I've learned in previous semesters.

I'm looking for a software service where I can input the courses I've taken and then I'm quizzed weekly on different topics I've learned in past semesters.

For example, if I input a topic of "digital logic" as a course that I've taken, I might see a question like this:

If A and B are binary numbers, then what is the inverse of A and B (denoted (A.B)')?

  1. A'B'
  2. A+B
  3. B'A'
  4. A'+B'

Thanks in advance for any information on the subject.

  • Nodcah - how would the past data be a quiz? Would there be some predefined QA? Can it be housed online or need to be local? – DankyNanky Jul 14 '17 at 16:26
  • @MichaelNancarrow I'm looking to be quizzed on predefined questions about the coursework I've taken in past semesters. So not something like Quizlet where I make my own questions then answer them, but something that has a list of the core concepts of the course. I've added an example to the question for clarity. Thank you for your help! – Nodcah Jul 14 '17 at 21:30

Have a look at NimbleNotes. What you can do:

  • you create your study notebooks, where you can input your files, texts like course summary, code, images, links, questions, definitions, LaTex math, etc.
  • you can assign labels to the different elements to make searching for things simpler and easier,
  • you are provided with some templates of how to organize your notes better,
  • and you can generate study cards from the notes you have input via filters and labels to help you quiz yourself on what you've learned.

I would definitely advise having a look at it. I wish it came out earlier when I was still at school.

  • Thanks for the study tip, I'll check out NibleNotes! However, the program I'm looking for is more aimed at long-term retention of knowledge with question that I don't have to come up with. – Nodcah Aug 4 '17 at 3:53

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