I'm looking for a software that can help record a video lecture with the following requirements:

  1. Record a Powerpoint slide in slide show mode (because the pen functionality will be used to write things on the slide as well in slide show mode). We already have a Wacom tablet to write on and it works fine with Powerpoint presentations, but we need to be able to record in presentation mode.

  2. Record a video of the lecturer's face (with the laptop's webcam) while he/she is speaking and writing on the presentation slide.

  3. The video needs to show up in a rectangular box in a corner of the presentation, say, the bottom right.

  4. Audio for the video needs to come from a bluetooth mic input.

  5. Needs to work on Windows (any version).

  6. Minimal editing. While it is possible to record the screen and the video separately and merge the two with video editing software, I'd prefer a software that can record the entire lecture with PPT and video rather than having to merge and synchronize. Editing would be a last resort.

Price isn't a concern, but the software needs to satisfy the requirements.

I have searched for software myself, as well as on this site, but I haven't found one that can display the web cam video 'above' the Powerpoint presentation.

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Luckily, within half an hour of posting this question, I have the perfect solution.

OBS Studio. It is used to record gaming videos. It can be downloaded here (it is the first link on the page).

And, it is free and open source!

I recorded a sample so I can confirm it meets all the requirements above.

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