What is the best blas/lapack library for quad precision (128 bit floating point)?

I supposes that the reference fortran versions can be compiled as quad precision?

This library would need to be callable from both Fortran and C++. I would be using this with the __float128 datatype from the gnu compilers.


You could use the Eigen linear algebra template library for C++. It is pretty complete with regards to BLAS and LAPACK functions and the interfaces are much easier to use (in my opinion).

A word of warning: You might quickly run into problems with the __float128 datatype because fundamental operation like e.g. log are not implemented.

#include <Eigen/Core>

typedef Eigen::Matrix<__float128,Eigen::Dynamic,Eigen::Dynamic> MatrixXf128;

int main() {
    MatrixXf128 m(2,2);
    m << 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0;

    MatrixXf128 m2 = m * m;
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  • Thanks for your answer. I did not want to rewrite my code, so I ended up compiling the blas/lapack routines I needed using gfortran with "-freal-8-real-16". gfortran maps transcendentals to intrinsic functions. The boost float128 header maps these functions similar to their double counterparts. – Juan Mar 19 '18 at 14:14

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